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Privacy Policy
Children’s Information Privacy Policy
Carolina Biological Supply Company works hard to provide a positive experience for all teachers, students, parents and others (collectively known as "guests") who visit our websites, use our software or web applications or purchase products from us online (collectively known as "Online Services”) and is committed to protecting the privacy of our guests. This Children’s Information Privacy Policy applies to Carolina Biological Supply Company, including any and all entities that control, or are controlled by, or are affiliated or under common control with, Carolina Biological Supply Company (collectively referred to throughout this Children’s Information Privacy Policy as "we," "us" or "our").

Children’s Information Privacy Policy applies to all of our websites in which it is posted and specifically addresses the additional protections that we provide to children who are our guests. Please read this Children’s Information Privacy Policy in conjunction with our general Privacy Policy. For convenience and ease of reference, our Children’s Privacy Policy uses the terms that are defined in our general Privacy Policy. Please note that this Children's Information Privacy Policy applies to information provided by children under the age of 13 only (referred to hereafter simply as “child” or “children”).

Important Notice to Parents/Legal Guardians
Carolina Biological understands that children may visit its websites and/or utilize its Online Services from time to time and is committed to protecting personal information concerning children. Among the United States laws that aim to protect children online, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 ("COPPA") is aimed at protecting personal information disclosed by children online – for more information about the act and to read its full text please see the FTC's website at: We comply with all aspects of COPPA and accordingly do not allow a child to access some areas of our website and/or some of our Online Services (including some online educational materials and workshops) until we have received the consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian.>br/>
Please note that although all Carolina Biological websites and our privacy practices are designed to comply with COPPA and we work hard to protect information about children who visit our websites and/or use our Online Services, we cannot guaranty the safety of any child online and we cannot guaranty that children will not disclose their personal information when they use the Internet. For these reasons, we strongly encourage parents, guardians and teachers to familiarize themselves with our website features and the provisions that we have made for supervising and controlling the information that children provide online and to read the information outlined below.

What types of personal information do we collect from our guests under 13?
The timing and amount of information that we collect from guests will depend on which websites and Online Services are utilized by a guest and how much the guest interacts with our systems. Among the information that we may ask children for are their name, contact information for their parents or guardians as well as themselves, information about their classes, teachers age, gender or education level, and other similar information designed to allow us to tailor the educational content to their needs.

Information Collected Using Technology
Our Online Services may automatically collect information concerning a guest’s computer hardware and software, including for example, the guest's computer's Internet Protocol (IP) address, computer operating system and web browser type, or the type of Online Service being used (including the product ID or serial number and product license information).

We also may collect general information about how, and how often, guests, use, browse, or view content on our websites, which products they buy and how guests use and interact with our Online Services. This information, as well as information regarding access times and referring website addresses, helps us maintain the quality of our services and gather general statistics about our website guests as well as to determine whether children are accessing certain educational materials that comprise part of their curriculum. In most cases, the technical information described above does not identify guests personally, but in some cases may be linked to personal information such as an email address. Depending on which of our websites or the type of Online Service being used, and the specific type of usage information being collected, some or all of such information may be linked to the guest's account.

Additionally, if a guest receives our emails in HTML format, we may use technological methods to improve our services and communications to the guest by, for example, determining whether that guest has opened or forwarded our emails and/or clicked on links in those emails or to determine whether the guest has made an inquiry or purchase in response to a particular email. These technological methods may enable us to collect and use information in a form that is personally identifiable. Parents of children under the age of 13 who do not want such information collected from HTML emails can request a change in the format of future emails using the link at the bottom of an existing email, or by contacting us directly.

Information a Child May Provide to Us
If a child submits a tip, suggestion or idea we may request the child’s first name, email address, grade level and state so that we may properly credit the child and contact him or her if we have any questions regarding the submission. If the child has not yet created an account with us, we will obtain permission for the collection of the child’s personal information from a parent or guardian, following the procedures described below for establishing an account, though an account need not be open for the child to receive credit for the tip, suggestion or idea. Please note however, that if we do not receive permission for collection of the child’s personal information, the child will receive no credit for the tip, suggestion or idea.

If a child enters one of our contests or promotions, we may request the child’s first name and last name, email address and mailing address and phone number so that we can notify the child and a parent or guardian of any prizes, awards or other form of recognition and fulfill the terms of the contest or promotion. If the child has not yet created an account with us, we will obtain permission for the collection of the child’s personal information from a parent or guardian, following the procedures described below for establishing an account, though an account need not be open for prize or award eligibility. Please note however, that if we do not receive permission for collection of the child’s personal information prior to the closing of the contest or promotion, the child will be considered ineligible.

If a child participates in one of our Online Lab Assistance Programs (or other similar Online Service) in coordination with his or her educational provider, then we also may collect other types of information such as the school name, the participating class(es), the name of the child’s teacher(s), the child’s grade level, grades and other information that the child chooses to submit in response to an assignment.

If we must associate information that otherwise would remain anonymous, or would be insufficient to identify a child, with information that could be used to identify or contact the child specifically, we will treat the combined information as personal information for purposes of this Children’s Information Privacy Policy.

Some of our websites may offer online social, community or other communication features that allow children to post, or share with others, messages, stories, pictures, artwork, videos, testimonials, or other content. Along with such content, a child may also be given the opportunity to post certain information about others, the child’s school and others that may have some relationship to the information posted. Although we may take various measures to protect those who use and participate in these activities, we cannot guarantee the privacy of these areas and are not responsible for any information a child chooses to post or share. We strongly encourage all parents and legal guardians to speak with their children regarding their use of these types of services and recommend that children never share any personal information or any information that they do not want others to see. Prior to granting any child the ability to share or post information in these areas we will obtain permission from a parent or guardian, following the procedures described below for establishing an account. However, any information posting or sharing in these areas is done at one’s own risk.

How do we notify a parent or legal guardian to obtain their consent to collect a child’s personal information?
If we have reason to believe that a child is attempting to register with one of our websites or online services, we will request the child’s name and contact information for their parent or legal guardian so that we can request permission from the parent or legal guardian to allow the child to establish an account with us for Online Services and/or product purchases. We will send a permission request by email (using the email address provided by the child) and/or a printed permission request to the physical mailing address provided by the child. Once permission has been received, we will retain the contact information and may use it in follow up contacts. A credit card for online purchases of our educational products and services can be provided by a parent or guardian using our secure server. A parent or guardian is free at any time to submit a written request to revoke permission for a child’s access to Online Services and/or product purchases and to have all contact information removed.

Please note that the permission request will comply with requirements for parental consent set out in COPPA and will also include a deadline for response. If we do not receive the consent of a parent or legal guardian within the specified time frame or if the parent or legal guardian refuses to allow a child’s registration, we will not collect any more of that child’s personal information and will delete from our system any personal information contained in the child's pre-registration information.

When establishing an account we may request that a child create a user name, which in some instances may be the same as an email address. We also may ask that a child and/or parent or guardian create a password, secret answers to certain security questions or other information that would allow us to identify the child’s account or provide the parent or the child with access to the account or certain Online Services.

When and how much personal information do we collect?
At Carolina Biological we always have believed in gathering no more information about a child than is reasonably necessary to provide appropriate products or services to the child. We stand by that commitment today as we expand the products and services that we provide directly to children and their parents and guardians. We will collect no more information than is reasonably necessary to enable a child to experience the benefits of our websites or Online Services.

If we have received a parent or legal guardian's consent to a child use of the relevant services, we may request personal information from a child when he or she:
      • Places an order on one of our websites for products or services;
      • Registers or creates an account on any of our websites;
      • Sends us an email or otherwise contacts us using the online tools that we have provided on our websites, including all “Contact Us,” “Customer Support,” or “Live Chat” features;
      • Submits ratings or reviews, testimonials, product ideas or ideas for the classroom or other education experience, including for example, Teacher 2 Teacher Tips™;
      • Signs up for one of our newsletters, such as Carolina Tips®, or requests product information, marketing materials or other communications;
      • Participates in any of our social or community areas, including all blogs and forums; and/or
      • Enters any of our contests or promotions.

We also may obtain a child’s personal information through a variety of technological methods. See the section entitled "Information Collected Using Technology" above for more information.

In addition to the information that we receive directly from children or their parents or legal guardians, as outlined in this Children’s Information Privacy Policy, we sometimes supplement this information with outside information from other sources and companies. Such outside information includes, but is not limited to, updated delivery and address information from carrier services or other third parties; account purchase or redemption information from some merchants for which we provide technical, fulfillment, advertising, or other services; and credit history information from credit bureaus, which we use to offer certain credit or financial services to some customers.

How do we use the information that we collect?
Carolina Biological primarily collects and uses a child’s personal information in order to operate and provide our Online Services. For example, we collect a child’s email address, name and address during account registration to enable us to obtain the consent of their parent or legal guardian to the child’s use of our Online Services, and once we have received consent, we use a child’s personal information to process any orders, send any requested newsletter(s), requested mailings or other offers. When a child voluntarily enters a promotion or contest, we may request the child’s email address and other contact information in order to contact the winner. If a child or parent or guardian provides us with credit card information, we will use it to fulfill and process online orders.

In addition to processing a child’s orders for products or services, we also may use a child’s personal information to:
      • Monitor usage of our Online Services and their popularity among children in order to attempt to improve their appeal;
      • Monitor usage of programs and/or software (such as the Online Lab Assistance Program);
      • Send correspondence, including welcome letters, order confirmations or receipts, recall announcements, or other notices;
      • Send communications of interest, including newsletters and articles;
      • Send copies of our catalogs, special offers, promotions or other mailings of potential interest, upon request;
      • Verify a child’s identity when placing an order, logging into his or her account or preventing unauthorized access to, or use of, a child’s account information;
      • Identify the ways that we can improve products and services to meet a child’s needs

Do we disclose children’s personal information to third parties?
Carolina Biological shares children’s personal information with third parties in very limited instances. A child’s personal information will be shared with a third party only when:
      • We engage a third party to maintain the technical function of our Online Services, including the delivery of the product or service requested by the child;
      • We receive the consent of a parent or legal guardian to disclose a child’s personal information to designated third parties such as a child’s teacher(s); or
      • We are required by law to disclose a child’s personal information.

In all instances, we only disclose a child’s personal information to third parties that are restricted in their access to, and use of, personal information and have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of the personal information disclosed.

For further information regarding our disclosure of personal information, please also refer to our general Privacy Policy.

Can a parent or legal guardian review, change or delete the personal information that we have collected from a child in their care?
Please note that parents and legal guardians can contact us in writing at any time to request that we destroy and not actively further collect any personal information we have regarding their child. However this may prevent that child from accessing or using portions of our Online Services. (Because we allow only authorized user access in some areas of our Online Services, to allow us to better control access to information posted by our guests and to protect their privacy, we cannot allow a child to be an authorized user if we cannot collect or retain information about that child.) At any time, a parent or guardian may review or change any personal information that we have collected from their child. Also, with the child's user name and password, a parent or guardian can review the child’s account information at any time. Alternatively a parent or guardian also may contact us directly about any changes.

What if we change our Privacy Policy or Children’s Information Privacy Policy?
We periodically review our online practices and policies and may choose to revise our Privacy Policy and Children's Information Privacy Policy at any time. We recommend that guests review our Privacy Policy and Children’s Information Privacy Policy periodically to stay informed on how we are protecting private information.

What if you have questions about our Privacy Policy or Children’s Information Privacy Policy?
Carolina Biological welcomes questions or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy and Children’s Information Privacy Policy. Please call us, send an email or write to us with questions or comments at:

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Attention: Privacy
PO Box 6010
Burlington, NC 27216-6010

We will not send promotional or marketing materials in response to contacts regarding a question or comment, unless requested.